Who Speaks for the Trees? BarriGuiones volunteers!


BarriGuiones reports the following updates:

– For the first time, this year all of Nosara´s public schools came to BarriGuiones´ nursery for educational workshops. Every single kid who visited adopted a tree to take care until they return with their school to plant the tree this rainy season.

– A month ago, project staff and volunteers planted over 300 estacas vivas or living fence stakes at the northern end of the BarriGuiones project. These stakes, of madero negro, are already sprouting, creating new shaded areas, and speeding the restoration of our beachfront.

– The community tree planting campaign began the week of May 15, when staff from Harmony Hotel, Olas Verdes, Safari Surf, Nosara Kids Camp, the Sunset Shack, and Harbor Reef, planted 400 trees. This year the project hopes to plant over 4,000 trees at Guiones and 500 more in Garza, Ostional, and Camaronal. They are breaking tree planting records, and going further!

You can help plant trees on any of the following days:

June 5,7,13,14,16,20, 21,23,24,28, 29
July 5,7,19,21,24,26, 27
August 1, 11

Find out details on these and other BarriGuiones´projects in the following ways:

Facebook: Barri-Guiones Proyecto de Restauración Costera
Instagram: BarriGuiones
Web: www.costasverdes.org
Project Director: Gerardo Bolaños, gerardo.bolanos@costasverdes.net, tel. 8730-3264