Friends of Nosara is now powered by the NCA


“Organizations that work towards shared outcomes within a broad, coordinated network – not just in their silos – are far better equipped to solve society’s problems”


It’s with great pleasure that we announce to the Nosara community that Friends Of Nosara -created in 2000- is now powered and managed by the NCA.

Friends Of Nosara has served for the past 23 years as a space to integrate and promote the work of the NGOs in Nosara. Friends has promoted over 15 NGOs that take care of different community issues – such as wildlife conservation, recycling, stray animal care, security, education, fire incidents, social and cultural development, water quality and many more -in pursuit of a greater quality of life for its inhabitants.

With the management change, the NCA team commits to continue and honor the hard work of Friends of Nosara. We will work as a facilitator of the network – connecting all the NGOs by promoting transparency, impact measurement, and international best practices with all our local partners.

It is of great importance for us, to continue with the support of the founders of Friends of Nosara.

“With the generous and critical leadership and support of the Nosara Civic Association, we know that FON is in good hands”

-Mike and Alice Olson.
Founders of FON

As well as counting on participant NGOs who actively work towards a better Nosara and encourage our labor in this exciting journey:

Friends of Nosara offers our organization a way to showcase our work, reach a broader audience and network, and bring in more funding. Additionally, Friends of Nosara gives our organization the opportunity to stay connected and work with other local organizations to increase our impact. 

-Vanessa Bézy 
Founder & Director
Wildlife Conservation Association

Our work will be focused on the following strategic action fields:

  • Help the organizations to get to know and apply best practices about transparency policies, impact and management.
  • Gather, analyze and present to the community data regarding the state of our district in different areas.
  • Create volunteer programs to facilitate cooperation between supporters and the NGOs.
  • Coordinate and host training for the associated NGOs.
  • Facilitate national and international alliances that benefit our district.
  • Help to raise funds for the projects of the NGOs.

If you are interested in supporting Friends Of Nosara, or if you run a Non Profit Organization in town, we’d love to hear from you!
Please reach out to for more information!