THE NCA’S RESERVE. The importance of Nosara’s Green Heart.


The NCA’s Reserve  is one of our core projects regarding Biodiversity Conservation.


Since the early stages of development in Nosara, the NCA has owned and protected 250 hectares of secondary forest. Thanks to the vision of our members over the years, these lands have remained free of development and construction since the primary purpose is to create and maintain a biological corridor to preserve the abundance of local flora and fauna.

The Reserve has been the source of several scientific investigations, trap cameras in association with WCA, and recently, the Michael Uren Rescue Center was created thanks to International Animal Rescue. All these scientific activities directly benefit the Ostional Refuge’s preservation, gathering quality data about Wildlife.

This year, The NCA’s Reserve will also include the “Senderos de Nosara Project,” a net of trails that, when completed, will connect the Santa Marta bridge with Esperanza on a parallel course to the 160 route.

1. Trap Camera. 2. Species identification. 3. Michael Uren Rescue Center Render

Sounds awesome, right?

Unfortunately, with the accelerated growth of real estate development and building projects around Nosara during the last years, our Reserve is continuously threatened by trespassing, trash/debris disposal from nearby constructions, and fences damages, among others. Many of these issues require a legal process, even if the dialogue is always our first method to protect the lands.

Trash at the Reserve property. -Las Huacas

In 2022, we invested over $30,000 only for legal services, plus maintenance activities, including signage, fencing, cleaning, and monitoring. We also have two full-time employees to maintain the Reserve and its boundaries!

Look for the yellow signs to identify our Reserve properties!

What’s Next?

We are ready to approve a Management Plan for our properties, which will allow us to have a technical instrument to safeguard and promote protection.

The Management Plan will allow us to:

  • Classify the different types of zones within the Reserve and its humid tropical forest.
  • Define conservation priorities
  • Elaborate on a socio-ecological diagnosis
  • Better identify surface water.

Thanks to the support of Members and Donors, the preservation of the Reserve and the progress of the Management Plan is possible, but our ambition to ensure the perpetual protection of the forest for the enjoyment of current and future generations face constant challenges.

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Help us to preserve and protect our future!