Senderos is the Spanish word for trails, it comes from the latin word “Semitarius” which means shortcut.

Can you imagine a Trail net that connects Santa Marta’s Bridge with La Esperanza? A 6,5 KM route of wildlife quietness, birds, monkeys, small water springs, and the shadow of the trees around? That is one of our core projects, which in a parallel but natural path to the National Route 160 will help to improve Nosara’s Mobility and public access to the most visited zones in our district since it goes across Pelada, North, and South Guiones in the middle of its course.

Dozens of local workers in the area and lots of tourists discovering our green treasure will enjoy this system. Plus, it will encourage our community to reduce car usage while being mesmerized by the Magic Of Nosara.

How is it possible?

You probably read our last blog, where we explained our Reserve. (Quick summary if you are in a hurry!: The NCA owns and protects over 250 hectares of secondary forest, the main goal is to create a biological corridor to preserve our local flora and fauna for future generations!) That said, thanks to the NCA parklands, Nosara can have responsible and sustainable projects in those areas, positively impacting the community.

NCA Trails

But… I already walked through some NCA trails, are all the same?

Yes! Currently, we have over 8km of “senderos” at your disposal, the main one goes from Bodhi Tree entrance to Five Corners (Playa Pelada entrance), but we have others even by the other side of the National Route as the Bioparque trail. Although, the project is much bigger than that now: We take care of the existent senderos thanks to our maintenance team and our members’ support, and we are also fundraising for the whole mobility plan. Our goal is to connect them all for our inhabitants and visitors!

Some data about the project and its Phases:

  • We received a grant for $6500 for this project but it’s only a portion of the total cost. We are currently fundraising to help Nosara’s mobility!
  • We have a new trail section! The 200-meter trail at the Wanderlust entrance connects to the Bodhi Tree junction.
  • This new trail adds to our current trail system, which is part of our mobility and environmental conservation efforts.

Senderos de Nosara Phases: 

Phase 1: A totally new and relaunched 2.6km route to connect from the Bodhi Tree entrance to Five Corners at the Pelada entrance without going over National Route 160. We received a grant for $6500 for this project but it’s only a portion of the first phase. We are currently fundraising to help Nosara’s mobility!

Phase 2: Complete the route from Esperanza to the Gas Station by building (2.5 km) of sidewalks and bicycle lanes over the 160.

Phase 3: Connect the Trail to the Nosara River Dike from the Gas Station to the Sta Marta Bridge (1.4KM)

Infrastructure reference for the project

We are more than excited to create a safe and environmentally responsible solution for transportation in Nosara. If you feel the same, please join us! Share this blog, tell your friends, or donate here to give us a hand. Let’s make it possible!

Stay tuned, we will have updates sooner than expected!